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The Manifest Kit is the perfect way to manifest your desires and bring positive energy into your life. The kit includes a mini sage bundle, sandalwood tea candle, citrine, and pyrite crystals. The cleansing sage smoke will help purify your space, while the candle's warm aroma will fill you with happiness and peace. The crystals can be placed around your home or carried with you to provide protection and good vibes. Use the Manifest Kit to create a positive energy vortex in your life and see what magic unfolds!

Travel Kit: We know you're on the road and our custom travel kit puts you back in the driver seat of the kind of energy you want to surround you.  This perfect combination includes sage to clear negative energies, lavender springs to help you sleep, a selenite crystal to send out positive vibes, and a shungite stone to remove lower vibes. You'll have everything you need to create a sanctuary anywhere on your travels. 

Blessing Kit: Blessings on blessings on blessings to those who use our Blessings Smudge Kit! (And those who don't, but we can't guarantee their results...) This kit includes Clear Quartz, Palo Santo stick, and Floral Sage Stick. It comes paired with a gorgeous shell to catch the embers. This kit is perfect when you need help manifesting more blessings in your life.

Home Clearing: Kit to clear and enhance your home.Includes:A petite sage stick to clear negative energies, 3" Selenite crystal to send out positive vibes, Rose Quartz to bring love into your home, A pack of matches for the sage